WICOS (www.wicos.org), founded in 2007, is the most comprehensive and leading international talents recruitment agency around the globe. WICOS belongs to SICAS(www.sicas.cn) International brand portfolio which also includes our flagship SICAS brand which providing admission service for international students, as well as Lu’s han(www.lus-han.com )-- a Chinese learning website. WICOS. So far SICAS International have already provided service for more than 50 thousand international talents, which makes it recognized as the most comprehensive and leading agency of international talents service. WICOS offers a platform for the interaction between employers, universities and international talents through its innovation products and unique service mode. WICOS team builds a bridge for corporations and foreign talents which accelerates the process for corporation recruitment and offers job opportunities as well as suggestions on career development for international talents. WICOS is the expansion of SICAS business, which attract talents for Chinese corporations through global channels. It is the first choice of the platform for the recruitment of international talents..

WICOS'general introduction

WICOS (Work In China Offer System) is an online to offline service platform of BRCIC (Belt & Road Innovative Collaboration Center) group. We started from promoting international education and cross-cultural exchanges. We aim to help people from overseas who want to find their ideal job or internship opportunities in China ; or the entrepreneurs who will launch or expand their venture or business in China. In that way, we also help enterprises, colleges, medical institutions and governments organizations, etc. to find talents globally.

Backed by BRCIC global network resources, we provide not only match services, but also premium services like financing, legal consultation; high-end human resources like professional consultation International academician, etc.

Internship in China

WICOS is experienced in searching the internship opportunities among top Chinese companies or organizations for foreign young people who want to develop themselves in China .

1. Live training in large companies, internship certificates issued after internship.​

2. Financial support to those with outstanding performance.​

3. Jw202 form available.​

Start-Up in China

WICOS is committed to helping international entrepreneurs and enterprises to enter China smoothly, helping overseas high-quality innovative projects and overseas students to start their businesses or projects in China. The services include registration affairs and the supportive services for start-ups, as well as the incubator service which is sponsored by Chinese government, to help entrepreneurs find investment and legal aids, etc.

-Work visa service.​

-One-stop collection of all the required materials for company registration in China.​

-Professional legal and tax consultation.​

-Access to Belt & Road and international resources via WICOS' platform and its domestic and International partnership network.​

-Other services: residence permit in China, physical examination, kids' school enrollment, family visa and relocation, Chinese drive license, etc.​

Teaching in China

Over the past 12 years, we have established partnerships with more than 1000s universities and training institution in China and gained a reputation of complete trust and reliability. We are committed to helping foreign teachers to find satisfactory teaching positions in colleges, universities, and training institutions in China.

-Match your career needs, such as workplace, teaching environment, salary and welfare.​

-Cautious screening ,only creditable and qualified employer selected for you.​

-Interview service and one month tracking period post enrollment.​​

-Other services: work visa, airport pick-up, bank service, accommodation, language service ,etc.​

Experienced Professional Recruitment

Backed by WICOS' strong partnership network. we provide you with high-quality advisory and customized services. to match experienced professionals with high quality employers

-One to one consultation, Interview preparation and follow up service, etc.​

-Access to 1000s of top Chinese enterprises and academic institutions.​

-Customized service to ensure familiarization with and adaptation to Chinese social scenario.​​

-Salary Negotiation.​

-Work visa service.​

-Chinese language courses and service.​

Our Company life

Ghanaian Ambassador to China with SICAS staff

Ghanaian Ambassador to China with WICOS staff

SICAS staff having a meeting

WICOS staff having a meeting

picking up students from the airport

picking up students from the airport

UN representative visits SICAS

 UN representative visits WICOS