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苏州太湖高尔夫酒店 Verified company

Company type: Private
Recruiter Type: Employer
Industry type: Restaurant & Food Services
About us
地产巨鳄苏州卓运房地产开发有限公司是一家实力雄厚的房地产开发企业,是苏州太湖度假区注册资本最高的民营建筑企业。公司的主营业务是房地产开发、物业管理、旅游娱乐设施建造经营以及餐饮、酒店、俱乐部和配套服务等。旗下苏州太湖高尔夫酒店, 于2007年对外营业,为五星级高档商务度假酒店,地处风光秀丽的苏州西山太湖沿岸,内设高档客房, 一流中西餐厅, 宽敞的会议场地和先进的会议设施, 并且提供中国第一,亚洲乃至世界顶尖的SPA健身服务。为提升服务品牌,酒店所有的管理人员均具备海外和国际顶级酒店从业经验。苏州卓运房地产开发有限公司为打造出高端商务休闲度假酒店,整合周边开发的18洞文环境,高尔夫球场、水上游艇俱乐部、西山风景度假区和当地的人力求为商务精英人士提供一个集会务、度假、休闲、娱乐和商务于一体的综合平台。
酒店有119间各类房间,其中98间豪华客房,13间行政楼层行政房,1间拥有独立餐厅及会议室的太湖套房,以及7间位于水疗楼层的私人水疗套房,可提供一天全套水疗服务; 国内一流的SPA设施;300个座位和8间私人房间的宴会厅; 200个座位的中餐厅; 120座的咖啡厅; 大堂酒廊; 24小时送餐服务等等。

Real estate giants suzhou ZhuoYun real estate development co., LTD. Is a strong real estate development enterprises, is the highest in suzhou taihu lake resort with a registered capital of private construction enterprises. The company's main business is real estate development, property management, tourism, entertainment facilities building management and catering, hotel, club and supporting services. , suzhou taihu golf hotel, opened in 2007, is a five-star luxury business resort hotel, located in the beautiful scenery of xishan coast of taihu lake, with high-grade room, first-class Chinese restaurant and western restaurant, spacious meeting facilities and advanced meeting facilities, and to provide the Chinese first, Asia and the world's top SPA fitness services. In order to promote service brand, the hotel all managers have a top class hotel in overseas and international experience. Suzhou ZhuoYun real estate development co., LTD., to create high-end business and leisure resort hotel, 18 holes, integrated peripherals development environment, golf courses, water yacht club, xishan scenic resort and the local people to provide business elite a collection meeting, vacation, leisure, entertainment and business in a body's comprehensive platform.
The hotel has 119 various types of rooms, of which 119 deluxe guest rooms, 13 executive floor administrative room, 1 has an independent restaurant and meeting rooms of taihu suites, as well as 7 is located in the spa floor private spa suites, a day can provide a full range of spa services; Domestic first-class SPA facilities; 300 - seat banquet hall and 8 private room; 200 - seat Chinese restaurant. The 120 - seat cafe; Lobby lounge. 24 hour room service and so on.
Current Location: China Suzhou
Address: 2Shuli Road,Suzhou Taihu National Toursim&Vacation; Zone,JiangSu Province PRC View in map

Industry type:Customer Services


  • Company type: Private
  • Recruiter Type: Employer

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